Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Keep growing every week.

My flying collection seem to grow more each week.  Got a good bargain on Hobby King YAK 54 this week from a my friend with 36.6” wingspan and a good 3D performer. With TURNIGY AERODRIVE brushless motor, TURNIGY DLUX 40A Esc and TURNIGY 2200mah 3S 40-50C lipo battery it can fly hands free straight line, good custom CG and sharp handling after countless of Expo and End point setting on my controller.  The model looks good too and a great companion to my gentle Pits Special bi-wing plane when placed side by side on the place holder in the room. I wouldn’t recommend this as beginner’s planes because it needs an agile pilot thumbs to tame this plane but so far after hundred hours of flight time under my belt its good plane and I can do much basic stunts and tricks thanks to training on my EPP profile 3D plane TRISTANIA. Its full of fun and something new than just glide high.  The thrills does put me in the same situation when once I was on flying a heli in 3D mode except this time my heart beat doesn’t go that high in state of panic,lol.

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